When it comes to getting a quote for your project requirements, you want an extensive, experienced and operative person to come and visit your premises at your convenience.

At A PLUS FLOORING LTD. no matter how small a job can be, we offer a free and impartial estimate with hands on advice and reliable information, along with answering as many questions as you may have. Since that person is also the one who does all the work, we will all be on the same page, nothing will be missed nor misunderstood. When you call us, we will offer you an honest and a reliable service by giving you the best options with new ideas for what can be achieved. We will also show you some samples of what you are looking for, or to choose from.

We encourage you to unleash your imagination and any concerns you may have, with this and our experience we can arrange a time, plan and decide what works best for you, suits your needs and your budget.

Don’t take our word for it, please view our reviews and testimonials.

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